Heritage Park Mall Study & Air Depot Corridor Plan

Heritage Park Mall ("HPM") officially closed in February 2010.  Funded by the Midwest City Memorial Hospital Authority Board of Grantors, Catalyst Commercial, Dallas, TX, in 2016 began studying the HPM area in an effort to determine the redevelopment scenario best suited for the district in light of economic conditions. Catalyst's study was formally accepted by City Council in March 2017.

Catalyst Commercial was asked to revisit the area in 2020 to perform a broader overview of what will become a special planning district. This became known as the Air Depot Corridor Plan.

Both studies are available for review below.

In the meantime, the City has begun the work necessary to exercise an Urban Renewal Plan for a large portion of the HPM site. Case procedings may be monitored here.  

Air Depot Corridor Plan (2022)