Business Climate

Anyone looking through a Midwest City Chamber of Commerce Member Directory will be in awe of the variety of stores and restaurants we have to offer. Midwest City merchants stand poised to take advantage of three large consumer groups:  

  1. Nearly 60,000 residents who live in town;
  2. 13,000 employees at Tinker AFB who aren't Midwest City residents; and
  3. The thousands of shoppers who live just outside our boundaries. Because of this, many of the same goods and services are available here that would normally only be found in cities twice our size.

Tinker's Workforce

Employees from over 40 of Oklahoma's 77 counties are represented in Tinker's workforce and many earn annual salaries of more than $55,000.  Being located across SE 29th Street, Midwest City is the easiest location for Tinker AFB employees to purchase those goods not found in their hometowns. Restaurants outside Tinker's gates also benefit from the thousands that choose to eat lunch off base.

Nearby Consumers

Nearly 90,000 consumers live within a 20-minute drive of the center of Midwest City. Our city is the largest in eastern Oklahoma County, providing job opportunities and shopping for other communities such as Choctaw, Del City, Forest Park, Harrah, Jones, McCloud, Nicoma Park, Spencer and parts of Oklahoma City. 

Some of our busiest shopping districts are highlighted in the photos below:

Local Business Climate

Midwest City is a thriving, vibrant community with fun, energy-packed places for family outings, company get-togethers and holiday parties! This video features Andy’s Altitude 1291, Planet Bowl, Star Skate, and the new Warren Theatre. Find out where to get your fun on in Midwest City!


Midwest City … we are pro-business, champions of local merchants and investors in our future economy!

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