5700 SE 12th ST - Sooner Rose Shopping & Entertainment Center

Map and Highlights of 5700 SE 12 St

This 3.7057 Acre (M.O.L.) lots sits between SE 12th Street and the Sooner Rose Shopping & Entertainment Center. It is within walking distance of great restaurants and the state's finest movie theater!  In addition, it is less than three minutes from Interstate 40. A great site for an office or mixed use development.


  • Part of Midwest City's fabulous new Sooner Rose Shopping and Entertainment Center, which includes the Warren Theatre, Andy's Altitude 1291 Entertainment Center along with great restaurants.
  • Frontage on SE 12th Street and access via the Sooner Rose Shopping & Entertainment Center
  • Suitable for office use or mixed use development
  • Price negotiable depending on the proposed use and the type and quality of construction
  • Owned by the Midwest City Memorial Hospital Authority, a Title 60 Oklahoma Trust

Call 405-739-1218 or e-mail for more information.

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5700 SE 12th Street Dimensions